Payment Methods


Credit Card
Creditcard payments can be made with VISA and Mastercards. A credit card enables a consumer to shop online and pay in arrears. As soon as consumers start a payment with their credit card, they in fact apply to the credit card company for a personal loan. This 'loan' is repaid in arrears to the credit card company.

Cash on Delivery (COD)
With the cash on delivery option you can choose to pay when the package is delivered at your doorstep or at a pickup point. You can pay in cash or with a Creditcard. 

Currently this payment option is only available for customers living in Slovakia, Czechia and Hungary. 

Bank Transfer
You can also order and pay by bank transfer. You transfer the total amount of your order to our bank account number. Please mention your order number that you will receive from us after completing your order. After receiving the order amount we will process your order as soon as possible.