30% CBD Berry Gelato Full Spectrum [3000mg CBD] - Kiffcbd
30% CBD Berry Gelato Full Spectrum [3000mg CBD] - Kiffcbd
30% CBD Berry Gelato Full Spectrum [3000mg CBD] - Kiffcbd
30% CBD Berry Gelato Full Spectrum [3000mg CBD] - Kiffcbd
30% CBD Berry Gelato Full Spectrum [3000mg CBD] - Kiffcbd
30% CBD Berry Gelato Full Spectrum [3000mg CBD] - Kiffcbd

30% CBD Berry Gelato Full Spectrum [3000mg CBD]

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Giuseppe The Adventurer had roamed the planet in search of the best flavours for K!FF CBD oils. He had sailed the seven seas and conquered their treacherous waters; he had roamed through forests and across deserts. However, he had never climbed and explored the mysterious mountains in the north.

That spurred on his adventurous spirit and he set off for the mountain. After a long and arduous climb and as he was nearing the top, he was greeted warmly by the guardian of the mountain, Snowy the Mountain Bear. The mountain guardian was somewhat of a culinary expert and told Giuseppe that he could let him taste a new flavour that he had discovered at the top of the mountain. This was however only on the condition that Giuseppe shows Snowy a flavour that he had never tasted before. Giuseppe knew exactly what to do and offered Snowy all the new flavours he had come across on his adventures because after all, flavours should be shared with the world.

Snowy was ecstatic after tasting all these new flavours and offered Giuseppe something extraordinary in return. The one and only Berry Gelato has a refreshingly sweet flavour and will hit the spot, especially after that hard climb! Berry Gelato has jammy berry aromas and notes of an ice cream rich dessert. Snowy agreed to share this flavour with all the K!FF customers (We won’t go into detail on what else he got in return)

INGREDIENTS: 70% Organic MCT oil, 30% CBD, Flavour Berry Gelato (from naturally occurring terpenes and flavouring).
STRENGTH CBD: 3000mg / 15 mg per drop
THC: < 0.2%
FLAVOUR: Berry Gelato
FRAGRANCE: Wild Berries, Sweet Cream
EFFECTS: Uplifting, Relaxing
CARRIER OIL: Organic MCT oil

You’ll get no half-assery from us. Our K!FF product is, for the loss of a better word, K!FF. It is a full spectrum product that gives you a wide range of cannabinoids that are found in the hemp plant, resulting in the entourage effect.

Getting all you can get out of these miracle ingredients is key. Organic MCT oil is like food for your brain and body and will help your body to suck up all the goodness of these juices. MCT is flavourless and doesn’t affect the watermelon skittle flavour, it only enhances the experience.

Only natural ingredients can be found in the Mysterious Mountain range. The time of year when the harvest takes place may change the colour. Therefore, the colour of our precious CBD oil can vary from batch to batch.

K!FF has not been able to determine why mountain bear does not like the heat but it’s probably best to keep the product in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight. Just to be on the safe side, please also keep out of reach of children.

The dark overlord has forbidden us from disclosing any secret information in detail. However, K!FF can give you a little hint. Apparently, there is an all-knowing oracle called Google the Ginormous who can tell you how CBD oil can be used and enjoyed to your heart's content.

Giuseppe prides himself on the high quality of his products and is not afraid to have them third-party tested. And that is precisely what he does with every single batch. For the testing of the products he sends them to the Dwarves of Chiccheckistan, and not just any dwarves, he sends them to the HanfAnalytik Dwarf Clan. An ancient and well-renowned family of laboratory dwarves. See the images for the reports on our heavenly K!FF CBD miracle mixtures.